Friday, September 15, 2006

The Easy Way to Awaken At 4 am?

The morning of the Aruba trip has arrived. What is the quickest way to awaken someone at 4 am besides someone telling you that your house is on fire??? All they need to do is say,

"Wake up, I cannot find our daughter's passport".

Oh my goodness. Shocked me awake and darn nearly took my breath away. Dh had already been searching for 5 minutes before he woke me. C. cannot enter Aruba without ID. No U.S. citizen can enter Aruba without a passport.

Preparing to pack, he had left the passports and e-tickets and confirmations on the bed in one of our spare bedrooms. When I packed I took everything and placed it into the front compartment of the carry on bag. The same place we had placed the documents in the past.

Thank goodness dh is extremely organized. He went into the compartment this morning to make sure everything was there and obviously it was not. Everything else was there, e-tickets, hotel confirmation, dh's passport, my passport, but NOT our daughters. Checked to make sure it was not stuck to one of the other passports, mixed in with any of the paperwork or even stuck to the plastic lining the inside of the compartment. No luck there either.

Dh dug out her birth certificate which may have been okay for entry to Aruba, but for some reason it does not have a "raised" seal which is supposedly required. So we began searching any of the other likely spots. C. was awake by this time so she and I went back through the spare bedroom to see if it was still atop the bed, had fallen on the floor or was even under the bed. Needless to say, it was not there either. Next we went to an antique wooden box I keep in my closet with important papers. Pulled everything out one by one and definitely not there either. Then on to a small Longaberger basket I keep atop my dresser for other assorted stuff important enough to keep, but not important enough to go into the box in the closet. Again, pulled everything out piece by piece, one by one and not there.

I was beginning to rack my brain for where else I could even search? At the same time, trying not to panic. In the meantime, Dh was searching high and low downstairs. He went back to the carry on, opened it up and took everything out piece by piece and 'lo and behold it was on the bottom of the bag. We have no idea in God's green Earth how it got there and are extremely thankful it was found. NOW we are at the airport waiting four our flight to Aruba.