Monday, September 11, 2006

Where Did All The Flags Go?

Where did all the flags go?
Did I miss something on the news?
Is the war over?
Did we win or lose?
Wait a minute this can't be right
Four Marines killed in Iraq last night

We flew them high when they first got there
When we saw the bombs bursting in air
Someone said the job was done
But tell that to the Mom that just lost her son.

Where did all the flags go?
We flew them high on the 4th of July
As we watched fireworks pierce the sky
But look around today how many can you spy?
Except by those families that mourn and cry.

Where did all the flags go?
I see one at Wal-Mart and a car lot or two
I guess maybe they know
The war is not through
Show your PRIDE
If not for those that FIGHT
At least for those that DIED.

By Greg Martin Copyright 2004

Today on the fifth anniversary of 9/11, let us all please take a few moments to say a prayer for the victims of that day along with their families as well as the brave men and women who are fighting for our freedom, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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