Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Bully Again

Remember I wrote about that wonderful taxi driver Bully who we had met in Aruba? My Mom and Dad decided last minute a few weeks ago to take off to Aruba for a week. I emailed Bully and asked him to pick them up at the airport. He responded to my email within a few hours saying he would be there.

Like anticipated, my parents walked out of the doors from Aruban Customs and there was Bully waiting to meet them. He helped them off with their luggage and they proceeded outside.

It was then that he began apologizing. His van was in the shop being serviced. He did not have his van this day. Instead he had a relative who is also a taxi driver, drive him [Bully] to the airport to pick up my parents.

Now let's face it, the man could have just as easily sent his relative the taxi driver to pick up my Mom and Dad. But Bully did not. In essence my parents were picked up at the airport by two taxi drivers. So I am going to say, if Bully says he is going to be there, Bully is going to be there.