Saturday, September 22, 2007

Another Aruba All Inclusive Vacation?

Aruba Bound
Even last year when dh and I took dd to Aruba, it dawned on us, that though our dd was staying free in our room at the Radisson, we still had to feed her. I know, naive of us huh?

Well, this kid doesn't eat off the kid's menu. No matter what the circumstances of her unfortunate upbringing and past, she too has now developed quite a culinary repertoire. Dinners for us on the low side were $80 and on the high side $140. With $12 Caesar Salads at the Radisson we were looking at $50 lunches. $150 - $200 per day for just food no beverages. We are not big drinkers, maybe a bottle of wine with dinner one or two nights, but sodas during the day add up.

With the fact that C. will still only be 12 yo and being able to stay and eat free at the Tamarijn, we are going to be giving up our stays at the Radisson. Even the Westin for that matter.

I've read a few bad comments about the Tamarijn, but mostly good. How can anyone complain about waking in the morning and walking out of your room and right out onto the beach?

We shall see...