Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Scuba and the 10 Year Old

Aruba Bound
Dd did so well and enjoyed the snorkeling so much the day we sailed on Tranquilo, the next day she enrolled in a "Discover Scuba" course and the 3 of us dove the Pedernales late afternoon. All in all both were a great experience.

We chose Aruba Watersports only because Jerry and and I had both gone over to Unique's place on separate occasions and we both got rotten attitudes. Could see if it were an isolated incident, but 2 different days and 2 different people... in my mind, no excuse.

Anyway, "I" thought Aruba Watersports was terrific in every way. C. took the "Discover Scuba" course and I accompanied her to use as a refresher. Jerry did not like the fact that they use "inflatables" for dive boats. Did not bother me in the least and I am the one who invariably has the most difficulty getting back into the boat. If you are unfamiliar with the Pedernales, it is right off the coast and a short 10 minute ride, so comfort is not a huge factor.

On the dive itself, there were the 3 of us, the instructor and another diver who apparently was participating in the dive to practice clearing "his" ears. Total 100% of the dive instructor's undivided attention was on C.

C. would undoubtedly tell you it was amazing and shockingly beautiful. When persuaded for a comment she says, "Really there are no words to describe it. There were so many fish." Mom just thinks it is cool that a 11 year old has so many experiences that she and her husband never dreamed of at their daughter's young age.