Friday, September 28, 2007

Why I Don't Need (or Want) A Cell Phone in Aruba

My 2 cents on cell phones in Aruba. None of us are going to convince each other to use or not use a cell phone while on vacation, just a matter of priorities for each person. But here is why I don't use one...

1. Hardly use the phone at home so won't be using it on vacation.
2. Dh made sure he was set for using his Cingular cell phone in case the rental car broke down and I never travel around in Aruba without him.
3. We make use of the resort's concierge to make restaurant reservations and we make local calls before or after the beach.
4. We used the free Internet access at the Radisson for work related issues using our laptop from the comfort of our room. Dh awakens early to review emails and his student's assignments and checks again at night while I shower before dinner.
5. Anyone (In-laws, parents, the Pet Sitter and the Veterinarian and Kitty Hotel) who would need to get in touch with us in an emergency has the hotels name and number. Pet sitter emails us on occasion to supply kitty updates, but again, not a necessity, for an emergency she would telephone the hotel directly.
6. If you don't get the contact information from us, we don't want to hear from you until we return.
7. I sent exactly 3 emails to my Mom which were for her enlighten/enjoyment but by no means necessary. Prior to the Internet she toughed it out for info on the trip until we got home.

The most urgent vacation emergency anyone in our family ever suffered was when my grandmother's brother died and she was aboard a cruise ship somewhere near Russia. We sent her a fax on the ship and she had it in less than 2 hours. The ship received the fax via satellite, they print it and slip it under her door.

Voila! Dh carries his cell phone when we cruise over Christmas so we can call and wish my in-laws a Merry Christmas, other than that, it doesn't get turned on. A day at the beach without a phone ringing? PRICELESS!


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