Thursday, September 13, 2007

YES, One Week IS Too Short!

Remember my post, "Is One Week In Aruba Too Short?"

Dh and I got to talking about our stay in Aruba last September. It was nice, the island was quiet, kids are back in school. Well except ours of course and the weather is good.

BUT dh and dd only have off that one week from school. Coming home on a Saturday to have one day to get ready to go back to school for dh and dd is a necessity. That leaves us with 7 nights. Subtract travel and 5 total days on the beach. Take a personal day on Friday and tack on one more beach day. Yippee!

Eh, but regret sets in considering you are spending all that money on airfare no matter whether you go for a week, two weeks or a month.

Well the only work around would be to go to Aruba during the summer. Early June has always been our other favorite time of the year besides September. We used to get there early in the month before any of the kids were out of school. Now with our anniversary being later in the month we have generally liked to travel sometime around the third week so that we can celebrate in Aruba. Usually at the Sunset Grille at the Radisson as a matter of fact.

Got the frequent flyer tickets lined up...well at least we had enough miles for two tickets...and we are booked for 12 nights next June! Trip number 17 to our favorite island Aruba. FWIW, I asked dh if he wouldn't rather try Bonaire or Curacao. "Nope", he replied, "I like Aruba just fine!" Well in his case I am just going to say, "If, if it ain't broke, don't fix it."