Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Airline Stories

3 Families--

3 flights...

3 different cities..

same dates of travel...

3 different airlines...

all have had time changes, some more than once, since April...
I usually try to check flight schedules at least weekly.

My brother and his family lost their seat assignments on Continental. The airline was thoughtful enough to reassign their seats , but the seats are not together. Good thing the kids are old enough to sit by themselves.

Last year on our departing flight to Aruba we lost our seats going down in one of these "computer changes". Luckily we noticed quickly enough to get Delta to get our original seats back.

Last week for the first time, I received an actual email from Delta alerting us to a time change on our outbound flight in December. How nice of them? First time they have ever done this and this is the second time that the departure time on this flight has changed. Why they bothered this time, I have NO clue...

Today I went to check the flights for dh, dd and myself for 3 upcoming trips (2 to AUA and one to NJ). Delta changed not the time on our flight for June BUT THE DATE!

Evidently they decided they were not going to fly to Aruba on that particular Wednesday in June that we had chosen, so just switched us over to a Thursday departure instead. In essence they cut our trip from 12 nights to 11 nights! There are a lot of things that get me mad, but want to make me furious and cut one day off of my Aruba vacation!

Dh phoned Delta and figured it was worthless trying to get an explanation just asked them to switch our departure to Aruba to a day later. They didn't try to argue that we had to pay a change fee, so I suppose in their record they saw what happened. But still this is one of the stranger travel stories I have heard in awhile.

I am VERY thankful that our travel plans are flexible at that time of the year and we are not locked into a timeshare. Also would be a little upset if we had a timeshare into which we were locked into specific dates. Worse yet, what if we were getting married in Aruba and had already made arrangements on the island for the ceremony and such? I could not even begin to consider that retched amount of upset.


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