Monday, October 15, 2007

Marina Pirata

Aruba Bound
We absolutely adore Marina Pirata. Like their slogan says, this is "Where you can dine with the fish." Dh and I have an Aruban friend who was born and raised right there in Savaneta and now in her 20's just took her entire family there one night for dinner for the first time. They too enjoyed their meal there very very much.

We were especially impressed the night we were eating dinner and the little Aruba fisherman's boat pulled up to the kitchen door. It is a simple building off of the main one with a door opening directly onto the ocean. The fisherman cannot help but be drawn to the bright orange color with the yellow wall below.

The 2 fishermen just began holding their fish up for the two cooks to pick and choose from the night's catch. I honestly can not think of anyway in which to get a fresher fish. Not a fish lover you say? You also do not have to be a fish lover to dine at Marina Pirata. I had a filet mignon the last time we were there. Admittedly it was not the finest beef I've ever had, but at a seafood restaurant I did not expect it. My meal was sufficient for what we paid and our entire family left satisfied.

Aruba Bound
Our dinner, by Aruba standards, was reasonable: $98 for the 3 of us. C. even at a tender 10 yo loves seafood! She ate calamari in one form or another every night of our vacation. She simply adores it. Our meal-- Appetizers: Shrimp Cocktail, Fried Squid (Calamari) and Conch with Oyster Sauce, Entrees: Filet & 2 Squid (Calamari) in Garlic Sauce.

They have a new website. In the past on some spots on the internet, I have read complaints about slow service, but it IS Aruba. Dh, dd and I never rush through a meal and enjoy going there after dark when the water is lit and the fish come up to the top looking for snacks. The staff usually takes care of that with remnants off of customer's finished plates. If you get impatient at the end of your meal, simply ask for your check. I find that in Aruba many times your server is looking for your direction in that matter, not the other way around.

If you do decide to go, definitely make a reservation and request the corner table on the kitchen side of the dining area. I believe this table seats up to four people.