Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Why Don't We Own an Aruba Timeshare?

Hmmm...rewind to 1999 and we had made a profit on the sale of our condo in NJ. Choices were a deeded studio timeshare purchase at Playa Linda Beach Resort in Aruba for one week or a Jacuzzi Hot Tub. $5000 same price for either one.

It came down to the logic that we could use the hot tub 365 days a year or as many days as we were home and not in Aruba.

Monday, November 26, 2007

How Did Your Thanksgiving Travel Go?

Aruba Bound
Our family was booked on Delta for a 1:30 pm flight on Saturday the 17th from ATL (Atlanta) to EWR (Newark).

Flight was ready to board and a crowd gathered around the gate's check-in desk. Looked around and looked up and flashing on the overhead screen, was the notice that the flight had been cancelled. Shortly afterwards the announcement was made that indeed the flight was cancelled due to some type of gas leak.

We had trouble believing or confirming this. My FIL called the airport directly and was told there had been a problem that morning but the airport was never closed. IMHO, Delta did not sell out our flight and decided to do some consolidating, by getting rid of our flight.

An advantage of flying from a large airport such as ATL, Delta has 9 flights to EWR on Saturday. This day there were still three additional scheduled flights from ATL to EWR. The gate personnel stated that we could fly stand-by for the 4:15 pm flight, which may or may not take off, or have seats aboard the 7 pm flight from ATL to EWR. Kind of late, did not want to walk into my IL's door at Midnight.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Do Not Peak at Aruba Weather Forecasts!

Where the Aruba weather forecasts are concerned, they are not reliable to say the least. Ask anyone who has followed the reports prior to their Aruba vacation and the Aruba weather forecast always says a "chance of showers". There are no two weather forecasts for Aruba which are exactly the same.

No matter what time of year, very few days on the island of Aruba are a total washout and those with rain are usually just in the form of a passing shower. Not even enough to make you leave the beach!