Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Snorkeling Aruba's Beaches

Aruba Bound
Dh and I haven't snorkeling off the shore in Aruba for quite a number of years. After we began scuba diving, there just seemed no reason to bother. This time, with dd and my brother and his three kids in tow, we plan on exploring every inch of the island and snorkeling where it is safe.

For this Aruba trip, I have been using ShoreDiving.com as a reference.

At the northern end of the island check out Boca Catalina. On that website it is called "Catalina Cove".

Here is the satellite view.

To the south, we are also going to try Mangel Halto. This is a spot that has intrigued me for many many years from the first time I photographed it. Here is the satellite view.

This spot Savaneta Beach also looks interesting for snorkeling. The big if, will be whether or not we can find it. Here is the satellite view.


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