Sunday, March 23, 2008

For Restaurants Check Out

Aruba Bound

For restaurants, besides my own Aruba Bound! website, check out Restaurants Aruba Dining Guide.

We like gourmet dining and do not have any closer than a 45 minute drive from our home, so do like to splurge on vacation and do eat soup to nuts.

Our favorite Aruba restaurant is Passions on the Beach at the Amsterdam Manor Resort. Nothing beats romantic torch lit dining under the stars with your feet in the sand. Oh, and the food is delicious besides.

Since we adopted our dd we have not been to one of Aruba's most popular and romantic restaurants, the Flying Fishbone. It is still imo, a once in a lifetime, must do experience, irregardless of cost. We have switched off to Marina Pirata. Marina Pirata is just down the road from the Flying Fishbone.

Instead of dining on the beach, here dining is outdoors on a large dock. Definitely a unique dining experience in of itself. The water is lit at night and the fish come to the surface. We even saw a local fisherman pulled up to their kitchen door one night while we were eating. The 2 cooks come out of the kitchen and the fisherman began picking up fish by fish by the tail and the cooks pointed and chose which ones they wanted. Now how is THAT for FRESH fish?!!! The other great thing about Marina Pirata, with $20 shrimp entrees, it is priced very reasonably.