Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Shopping In Aruba

Lots of things to buy-- Clothing, t-shirts, souvenirs, jewelry, electronics, cd's, perfume, liquor, Aruba Aloe products, Delft, Douwe Egberts coffeee, Dutch Cheeses- especially gouda.

ECCO (Mainstreet- Havenstraat)- Tablecloths, Delft Blue, Souvenirs & Gift items, Handicrafts,T-shirts & Sweatshirts

Vendors stands- small paintings, license plates, possibly some jewelry The Stands themselves are located between the cruise ship dock and marina

Jewelry stores
Renaissance Mall - Ton of shops selling just about everything- souvenirs, restaurants, jewelry, gifts, crafts, linens, Aruba Aloe. There used to be a music store located here, haven't stopped by there in a couple of years so can't guarantee they are still there. There is also an internet cafe located here.

Renaissance Marketplace- (use the marketplace button on top of page) Located East and across the street from the Renaissance Mall (catercorner). More shops and quite a few restaurants/cafes, also an internet cafe.

Foods- there is a mini-market inside Renaissance Mall but for better prices, take a taxi or the bus to Lings & Sons, Certified or Hong King- big items to buy Dutch Cheese- think Gouda or Dutch chocolate.

Aruba Aloe products- There is a store within the Mall or you could take a taxi to the factory. With today's restrictions on liquids and having to put it in luggage and worry about leakage for me (I travel with enough Ziplocs without having to worry about bringing extra), it is much easier to pay the shipping and order online. It is though less expensive to buy on the island than when ordering online.

In my mind, for women, one of the nicest souvenirs is Sea Jewels perfume. Specifically their Color Collection Miniature Set or Enchanting Minis.