Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Jet Fuel Price Monitor

The price of jet fuel up 69.3% in one year.

Link: Jet Fuel Price Monitor.

We are all complaining about sky high airfares, but will we soon be complaining there are not many airlines still in business?

When purchasing airline tickets, make sure you pay for them with a credit card in order to dispute the charge, and hopefully receive a refund, if the airline goes out of business.

"1. Use a Credit Card (Not a Debit Card)
Buying your ticket with a credit card can give you some protection and the possibility to get a refund if an airline goes bankrupt. The Federal Fair Credit Billing Act can help you get a refund since this act states that when consumers purchase something by credit card and then fail to receive it, the consumer can contest the charge with their credit card company. To do this, the consumer must contest the charge in writing within 60 days of the billing date which shows the charge. If you meet these requirements and the airline you had tickets on goes bankrupt, you should get a refund from your credit card company for the amount you paid for the ticket."