Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Whats going on with the food in Aruba?

Aruba Bound
A recent post on the forum at "Whats going on with the food" made us realize that we are not the only ones who had similar experiences during our recent visit.

Though we stayed all inclusive at the Tamarijn which also entitled us to the privilege of dining at the sister resort the Divi Aruba, on a few occasions we chose for variety, to eat outside of the resort.

Since 1995 we have eaten there at least once each and every trip. More often than not it was our first and last meal on the island. We loved this place so much we named one of our cats after it.

This trip, we were just not that excited about the meal. They have a new menu with all of the most popular "old" items. Some of the recipes though have been changed. I had their
Mussel soup and it was TOTALLY different and did not finish it. Dh ordered the fish soup and said it tasted like dishwater. Believe me he is not THAT fussy. He ate a piece of swordfish at our resort the first night of our stay which was overcooked and did not say anything to me about it until 10 days later!

For entrees now they are offering half of this entree and half of that...Jerry had half chicken keshi yena and half goat stew. Goat stew was not as good as he remembered. Chicken keshi yena was the same. Dh makes as good at home, so no need for us to go back just for that.

For dessert we ALWAYS order the apple/pear strudel, one of our FOREVER favorites. Again another dish totally changed. Not nearly as good.

The last straw for dh came when the bill arrived. He gave the waitress his AMEX and she very snottily told him that they did not accept it and just about threw the card back at him!!!!

Another heartbreak of the trip. Food was wonderful, and the service was horrific. Will not be able to convince dh to return in a million years.

Yet another night we should have stayed at the resort. Pincho's was very nice, but the food just okay. Nice romantic ambiance but not to justify a so so meal.

Passions at the Amsterdam Manor
We ate four meals outside of the Tamarijn/Divi: Promenade, Gasparito, Passions and Pinchos. This was BY FAR the BEST meal we had and will definitely return. If we had had more nights this trip we would have. More about our experience here.