Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Review Jolly Pirates Aruba

Aruba Bound
Along with our friends and their two daughters we took the "Sail, Snorkel and Swim" excursion with Jolly Pirates. It was a nice day and the kids especially had fun. Most of our boat was filled with a family attending a wedding in Aruba and they were having their own little party, but not rowdy or drunken. We did the normal snorkel stops of Arashi and Malmok. Unfortunately there was a great deal of moss like seaweed, part of nature, but just kind of creeped me out swimming amongst green blobs.

There was less seaweed while we snorkeled the Antilla wreck but of course for anyone who has never been, there was a current, winds and waves. Dd wanted to see it, and I wanted her to see it so I went off with her holding hands to see the top of the wreck. Visibility in my mind is never terrific in Aruba and this day was no different. Dd was able to see the outline of one of the cargo holds and the mast from somewhere in the depths to where it sticks out of the water. That was about it. We were out of there. Dh and I have dove the Antilla over 20 times and still have to say that it is a much much more worthy dive than a snorkel. For starters, when you dive the wreck, you are able to see not only more fish but the abundant sponges which have grown all over the wreck.

After the Antilla it was back to the coastline along Malmok where we dropped anchor and lunch plates were handed out. Food included: a chicken skewer and a couple of ribs, a roll, pasta salad, Cole slaw and watermelon. Following lunch it was time for the infamous rope swing! Dd took her turn about 4 times and our friend took a couple of turns as well. Before we knew it was time to sail back to Palm Beach. En-route, one of the "mates" Javier led the revelers in some dancing. Everyone had a blast.

We took this excursion mostly for the kids and decided next year we will switch off and go on Tranquilo again. Better snorkeling, I love sailing and just an overall relaxing day. It is just a different type of experience. Just depends on which type of day you are looking for.