Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Radisson Aruba vs. the Tamarijn All Inclusive

The Radisson is non-all inclusive & the Tamarijn is all inclusive

If you are big drinkers
  • Radisson drinks are $$$
  • Tamarijn drinks are "free" (top shelf liquor is at least included in what you already paid)

If you are big eaters
  • Radisson make sure the breakfast buffet is part of your package and be prepared for $50/couple lunches on site at Gilligan's (figure 2 sandwiches & 2 beverages)
  • Tamarijn all food and snacks are included at a choice of 8 dining options & 7 bars at either the Tamarijn or neighboring sister resort the Divi (all amenities are shared between the 2 resorts)

Resort ratings
  • Radisson considered a 4 star resort
  • Tamarijn considered a 3 star resort

  • Radisson located on Palm Beach in the busy active high-rise area located on 14 acres including 3 separate towers of guest rooms spread out over the property on a long stretch of beach
  • Tamarijn located on Druif Beach in the laid back, low key low rise area with Tamarijn guest rooms all directly oceanfront, right on the beach. Some buildings at the Tam have rocks in front of them to prevent erosion and the resort does take requests to try to honor room/building preferences. Good map of the Tamarijn. Little circles such as those in front of buildings 15 - 18 represent rocks.

Aruba Bound
Swimming pools

IMHO, if you cannot decide between the positives of staying at either resort, then let your budget be your guide. There are no bad oceanfront resorts in which to stay in Aruba. We have chosen the Tamarijn for our vacation in June over the Radisson and in doing so will be able to stay a few extra nights because overall it will be less expensive.

For some help with budgeting for meals if staying at a NON all-inclusive see this information:

Price of dinners
How Much Money To Take