Monday, June 8, 2009

Restaurants at the Tamarijn & Divi Aruba All Inclusive Resorts

When eating at the Tamarijn, we try to rotate restaurants each night so it does not become boring. We consider ourselves "foodies" and though the food at these resorts is not gourment, you will by no means starve to death. Our family has never eaten dinner at the buffets. It is key that you make your reservations as early in the day as possible, or to be really flexible as to restaurant and time. Overall we have been extremely happy with not only the quality, but the portion sizes.

We have eaten twice at Ginger and twice at the Palm Court Grill and multiple times at the Red Parrot and Paparazzi. My personal favorites were the Caesar Salad at Paparazzi and the Red Parrot, the Dutch Onion Soup at the Red Parrot and the Churasco a Moda at the Red Parrot. This steak was served with a delicious, hint of garlic, creamy "almost" mashed potato as well as tomato vegetable relish and orange soy barbeque sauce. These were spicy, which I have a hard time with, so I ask for them on the side. Special requests like that are never a problem.

At Ginger, the Asian restaurant, some of the items we have enjoyed included: Appetizers: Spring Rolls, Sushi, Green Curry Mussels, Tempura Mix (included fish besides the Vegetables), Miso Soup, Won Ton Soup and Entrees: Tokyo Beef Noodles, Spicy Chicken, Spicy Green Curry Chicken and Mango Chicken.

The Palm Court Grill Restaurant is a different concept. The table is your cook top here and you cook your own food. You grill your own two choices of Shrimp, Pork, Chicken or Beef. Some in our family have doubled up and ordered two beef or two shrimp and it was never a problem. Before bringing out your entree for cooking, there was a choice of two salads and two soups as well. Along with your selections for the entree, each table was also served a fresh vegetable mix for grilling, French fries or fried rice, and three yummy sauces: Chimichurri, teriyaki and garlic mayonnaise. Besides the ice cream, the best dessert was found here, what they referred to as cream puffs! In actuality, even better, Profiteroles! Only downside is that it is warm sitting around a hot cooking table. We skipped this restaurant last June and will more than likely skip it again this June.

What would an all inclusive resort be without an Italian restaurant? At the Tamarijn it is Paparazzi Restaurant. I would label the food here more Aruban Italian, than true Italian but we make out just fine. With that said, I was never daring enough to try the Lasagna al Forno with cottage cheese. In the 12 years we have been traveling to Aruba, never have we found a true Italian meal. No matter where we have been it has always had that blend of Aruba mixed in. Imo, it would only be the real Italians looking for some of Mom's "homemade gravy" who would have a tough time at Paparazzi since again, like all the restaurants, there was something for everyone.

At Paparazzi we have sampled just about everything. Appetizers: Bruschetta, Prosciutto E Sopressata, Carpaccio Di Pesce, Caesar Salad, Beef consommé with ravioli and Entrees: Ravioli Al Formaggio (Cheese ravioli in a creamy mushroom sauce served with basil and parmesan), Pasta Di Penne (Mediterranean ratatouille with penne pasta and tomato), Frutti Di Mare (Spaghetti with shrimp, mussels and squid in a creamy crustacean sauce), one of our favorites: Rinforzare E Salsa Delia Senape- Grilled beef tenderloin with cheese ravioli and grain mustard butter sauce and Dessert here: try the Torta Di Formaggio Di Amaretto- Amaretto cheesecake with marinated raisins and rum raisin ice cream. No need to go out drinking when you get a taste of their rum raisin ice cream. With the amount of rum in that ice cream the spoon stands up all by itself.

The most popular ala carte restaurant is the Red Parrot Restaurant located at the Divi Resort. Items we sample here included: Appetizers: Nicoise Salad, Caesar Salad, BBQ Chicken Wrap, Island Seafood Gazpacho, Bonito Carpaccio (tuna loin), French Delight (Baked Brie cheese on toast served over poached apples finished with honey and red wine drizzle), Chorizo Delight (dh's most disappointing item in all the restaurants), Dutch Onion Soup and Entrees: Creole Snapper, Coconut Shrimp, Lomito Famoso (grilled medallions of beef tenderloin accompanied by a garnish of potatoes, onions, bacon and carrots served with a creamy pepper sauce) and Churasco a Moda (Marinated and grilled sirloin steak served with creamy garlic potatoes, tomato vegetable relish and orange soy barbeque sauce).

Restaurants at the Tamarijn Aruba
Paparazzi Restaurant
Ginger Restaurant
Palm Grill
Pizza Per Tutti
Cunucu Terrace Buffet Restaurant

Bars at the Tamarijn
The Bunker Bar (open 'til sunset)
Coconuts (open 11 am - 1 am)
Pizza per Tutti (open 11 am - 1 am for snacks as well as drinks)
The lounge at Paparazzi Restaurant

Restaurants at the Divi Aruba
Red Parrot Restaurant
Coco Grill & Bar
Sandpiper Bar
Pelican Terrace Buffet Restaurant

Bars at Divi
The Pelican beachfront/poolside Bar (open 11 am - 1 am)
CoCo Grill and Bar (open 11 am - 1 am for snacks as well as drinks)
Sandpiper Bar (open 11 am - 1 am for snacks as well as drinks)