Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Snorkeling Boca Catalina & Catalina Cove Aruba

There is something about this spot that I love. First off the entry is easy at Boca Catalina. Snorkeling here on your own, rather than with an excursion, you can go where you wish and spend as long as you like. The water here is fairly shallow and this trip I saw a good variety of fish as well as sea urchins and various colors of sponges. My favorite, and a very beautiful fish, was a Triggerfish who played “hide and seek”.

The Longfin Pompanos were awesome and graceful as well. There were no turtles around on the days I have ever snorkeled there, but there are many reports of sightings. I have directions on how to get to Boca Catalina & Catalina Cove here.

Link: Snorkeling Aruba's Beaches