Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Aruba's newest beer is being launched, don't you dare miss it

Time to Chill this Sunday

"Aruba's newest beer is being launched, don't you dare miss it”

PALM BEACH - On Sunday, February 13th, in front of the Radisson and on the square across from Sr Frogs and Chino Latino, Balashi National Brewery is launching their latest beer, After haven been on the beer market for well over 10 years with Balashi,
Balashi decided to pursue the clear bottle beer market, with Balashi Chill. This latest addition to Balashi's beer portfolio is amazingly refreshing and goes incredibly well paired with a lime wedge. This Sunday the street and the square are being closed off and turned into a white sand beach, so bring your flip flops and get ready to party, cause Aruba's two most favorite bands, Tsunami and Dushi band are there to make sure that this party is going to be awesome. The party starts at 4 pm and will go on till midnight, during which Balashi and Balashi Chill will be priced at $2.00 only, so leave your coolers at home cause security will be controlling the parking lot for these and underage drinking.

Did we mention that this event has no cover charge, so that makes it official, this Sunday you're chilling with us!

Story courtesy of Aruba Today