Thursday, February 10, 2011

With De Palm Tours Volunteers keep Alto Vista Chapel clean

De Palm Tours- Aruba Today
ALTO VISTA – Recently a total of 24 employees from De Palm Tours volunteered to clean up the area around The Chapel of Alto Vista and Boca Pos de Noord, one of the many bays located along the island’s rugged north coast. The employees were divided into two groups, with several volunteers heading to the historic Alto Vista Chapel with lawnmowers and weed whackers to mow the grass that had grown tall thanks to the heavy rainfall that the island experienced in November and December. Waist-high weeds were also trimmed to form a carpet of green surrounding the chapel.

De Palm Tours- Aruba Today
The rest of the staff, comprised of around 18 volunteers, headed south of the chapel to Boca Pos de Noord, where they cleaned up what looked like mountains of garbage washed up on the beach from the rough surf of the last 2 months. Over 3 trucks full of garbage were used to transport the garbage, most of which consisted of plastic water bottles, plastic paper, shoes, toiletries and even a vandalized car.

After 3 hours of hard work the bay was returned to its pristine condition, ready to be enjoyed by visitors and locals alike who enjoy driving and hiking in the area.

De Palm Tours- Aruba Today
For the past 6 months a volunteer team of dedicated employees at De Palm Tours has worked hard to clean up the area at the Alto Vista Chapel and the bays located a kilometer to the north and south of the chapel. As our photos from during and after the cleanup show, the De Palm Tours volunteers are proud of the work they have done to keep some of Aruba’s most beautiful areas in picture perfect condition for both visitors and locals alike.

De Palm Tours Team will be heading back to the Alto Vista Chapel to trim and decorate the center piece in front of the chapel during a cleanup that is scheduled for later this month.

Story courtesy of Aruba Today