Friday, April 29, 2011

Aruba Gastronomic Association Dine Around Program

Blogging to Aruba
Dine Around Program

Is the Dine Around Program worth it? Consider the following:

From their site:
  • "The list of member restaurants on this website is always changing so be sure to check for updates.
  • Each dinner at AGA restaurants includes appetizer, entrée, dessert, coffee or tea, and service charge (where applicable).
  • Beverages and surcharges for starred items are not included."

The above is what is included for the restaurants listed presently on the website.

Be aware, you can order one of each: an appetizer, entrée, dessert and coffee or tea from the menu, HOWEVER, there are SURCHARGES, or an additional charge for SOME ITEMS.

You can order what you want, BUT you may have to pay extra depending upon what it is and as long as it in only one, appetizer, one entrée and one dessert.

THEN there are the VIP restaurants. This is equivalent to a gift certificate only. It is a savings of $2 and only available at select restaurants.

"At VIP restaurants, AGA coupon entitles bearer to a $38.00 value deducted from the total dinner check, equivalent to $36.00 gift certificate, and not a 3-course meal."

The Aruba Gastronomic Association also offers:

"Gift certificates are accepted at both AGA and VIP restaurants. Each $50.00 gift certificate can be purchased for $45.00. Minimum order: 2 gift certificates. Participating restaurants are subject to change."

This would equal a savings of $10 off a $100 worth of dinner, at a participating restaurant. Again, the list is constantly changing.

The only questions you need to ask yourself are the following:
  • Do you want to limit yourself as to where you can eat considering the small savings?
  • Will you partake of appetizer, entrée, dessert and coffee at each dinner?
  • Are the restaurants on the plan ones which you would be dining at, if they were not on the plan?
  • Are there restaurants not on the plan at which you wish to dine?