Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sushi-Ya Restaurant Features New Menu

Pioneering is in the blood of Sushi-Ya owner Deisy Gutierrez and her chefs, and so the latest trends in Japanese food are always being explored at Sushi-Ya. The Sushi-Ya team is also genuinely interested in the well-being of its esteemed customers, constantly seeking to add new healthy options to its menu. Reflecting its commitment to offering diners something new and something healthy, this Aruba restaurant has recently introduced a refreshed menu.

Japanese food goes way beyond sushi and sashimi, and Sushi-Ya’s new menu brings some of these other Japanese delights to the table. Udon-, soba-, and ramen-noodle dishes have become instant hits with locals and visitors alike. Other additions to the menu include teppanyaki, a style of Japanese cuisine that uses a griddle to cook food; yakimeshi, a pilaf of fried rice with chicken, beef, shrimp, and vegetables; and gyoniku ponzu, a tantalizing beef dish.

Several outstanding vegetarian dishes have also been added to the new menu and are begging to be tried, including the vegetarian California roll. Restaurant’s clients will be delighted to know that the upgraded menu offers brown rice as an option for sushi. Furthermore, Sushi-Ya has switched to using bran-rice oil for preparing all of its tempura dishes and other fried items. This oil is not only touted for its health benefits, but it also adds a distinct nutty flavor to fried foods, making it the premium choice for frying upscale food with delicate flavors.

By delivering new tastes and healthy options to its discerning clients, Sushi-ya proudly stays at the top of its game. The restaurant cordially invites diners to crack open its new menu and test out its new flavors from the “Land of the Rising Sun.”