Friday, July 22, 2011

Security for Our Trip to Aruba

For our latest trip to Aruba, we went with the Pacsafe system for the first time and loved it! Though it was not cheap, we will get many years use out of it and now that we have actually used it, knowing the security it provided, we feel that it was money very well spent. It served the dual purpose as a carry on for air travel to Aruba as well as beach bag each day.

This was dh's first time traveling with a backpack and he LOVED it. He will never go back to his wheeled carry on and separate computer bag EVER again. His Pacsafe backpack had a separate padded compartment solely for the 15" laptop. TSA security has always been difficult for him trying to juggle the laptop and this made it so much easier.

Aruba Bound
Separately we purchased Pacsafe's retractable cable lock. We used this to thread through the tamper proof zippers of the backpack attaching the entire backpack, with my DSLR camera inside as well as our three kindles, to the post of the palapa on the beach in Aruba. All four items are too large for other beach safes such as the vacation vault.

There are two pairs of zippers. The main compartment as well as the smaller front one. If you go to this REI link and mouseover the zipper you will see that there is a hole in each zipper.

We strung the retractable cable through each hole and then around the post of the palapa. The cable is 2.4mm / 0.1in diameter high-tensile stainless steel wire wrapped in this plastic to make the surface smooth.

No way anyone is going to get through that without someone on the beach seeing it.

It was easy to hop in the water to cool off or go off to lunch without having to lug a beach bag and other assorted gadgets with us.

Pacsafe meshsafe b200 laptop backpack is discontinued but available online via Google search.

This is the lock we used with the backpack, the Pacsafe retractasafe 250 4 dial retractable cable lock US$ 17.99

Pacsafe Youtube Channel for online demonstrations of their security features