Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tera Park, A New “Green” Island Attraction

Date Monday, July 4th, 2011

A new island attraction within the tourism corridor promises to be a natural draw for both visitors as well as island residents. The proposed site of TERA Park includes plans for the development of a botanical garden, education center, bird observatory, art center and eco-restaurant within the Linear Park, at the intersection of Eagle and Palm Beach.

TERA Park is part of the TERA Aruba project, a non-profit enterprise devoted to the creation and operation of a multi-component, ecologically-based and educationally-focused attraction.

“TERA Park was conceived as a way to ensure land slated as a protected, green area is forever utilized for that purpose, as well as work to actively contribute to fostering ecologically-based initiatives,” explains project founder and TERA Aruba Foundation Chairperson Tony Cox. “We embrace and applaud the efforts the government is currently pursuing in its vision for sustainable development and a more ecologically-sound future for the island. The TERA project is well in line with this same goal.”

Tony, together with his wife Lori Cox, are well-known on Aruba for building the Butterfly Farm from the ground up, an attraction that for a dozen years has and continues to delight visitors by showcasing the beauty of the natural world. TERA Park takes that idea several steps forward in providing a working, green model that fosters appreciation of Aruba’s natural and cultural attributes as well as offers unique island experiences.

All areas of the site would incorporate the use of green buildings and structures, alternative energy sources and techniques, waste reduction methods and practices (reduce, re-use, refuse, recycle and reforest) as well as aesthetically-attractive and authentic details, conveying a sense of place as well as purpose.

“Our intention is to involve the entire community of Aruba, bringing like-minded foundations, youth groups, interested individuals and guests together through educational programs, unique activities and collaborative efforts that exponentially increase the growth of green ideas,” comments Tony. “We are grateful for the interest of the government in the TERA Park proposal. We look forward to working together further in fulfilling what is destined to be a valuable addition to Aruba’s landscape.”

TERA Park would stretch from Signature Park, between the Divi Phoenix and Westin Resorts, and directly across the street on the land adjacent to the Butterfly Farm. An official introduction of TERA Park is slated to take place during the Green Aruba conference this coming October.

Story courtesy of Aruba Today