Friday, August 19, 2011

A Unique View of Arikok National Park Now on Display at the Visitors Center

Aruba Bound
Date July 20th, 2011

All throughout 2011 and until March 18, 2012, various public institutions are holding special events throughout the island to celebrate the silver anniversary of Aruba’s “Status Aparte,” the right to autonomous rule within the Dutch Kingdom apart from the other five islands of the Netherlands Antilles. This year also marks 35 years of Aruba ha ving its own national flag and anthem.

On Monday, July 18, Arikok National Park unveiled their tribute to the national anthem “Aruba Dushi Terra,” a photo exhibit titled “Nos Playanan tan Admira,” by Park Ranger Julio Beaujon, the facility’s long time “official” photographer.

Julio’s love for his work and the park he protects is evident in his photography which reveals the details of flora, fauna and landscapes of the Arikok environment often overlooked by the casual visitor. This particular exhibit illustrates the line from the national anthem “our admirable beaches,” as he has captured the various coves within the park from the sea and the sky, offering a rarely seen perspective to these often visited tourist sites.

Aruba’s Minister of Infrastructure, Environment and Integration, Oslim “Benny” Sevinger was present to officially open the exhibit and admire the photographs which now adorn the veranda of the Arikok Park Visitor’s Center located just near the entrance in San Fuego.

Park Director Ambrosio Curiel and Marketing Manager Jimmy Meijer joined Minister Sevinger in applauding Julio’s dedication in bringing forth to the public the various aspects and nuances of the preserve; this exhibit in celebration of this landmark year inaugurates what will become a continuing part of the visitor’s center. The present show will be on display for the next six months, to be replaced by a new collection.

Julio expressed his gratitude to the Aruba Coast Guard and Police Department for providing the means for him to photograph the north coast from the sea and air as well as to the Department of Culture for funding the display.

Story courtesy of The Morning News
(Rosalie Klein, reporter)