Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Aruba's Linear Park to be Ready for September 30

All those passing by the site of the Linear Park can admire the progress in the construction work. Minister of Tourism, Transport and Labor, Otmar Oduber expressed his satisfaction with the latest park developments which will contribute to the enhancement of Aruban landscape.

Last Thursday, palm trees were planted, growing higher everyday to provide shade. Soon, other plants will also grace the park, among them green malaya, date palm, Chinese palm, Fofoti, Carawara and Green Bottom, providing a pleasant oasis on the highway. Next week, street lamps will be installed, giving citizens a good idea of how the park will look when Phase I is finished.

According to the contractor, the first phase of Linear Park, consisting of a square and two parks, will be finished on September 30 and construction work will begin on Phase II, which is the remainder of the trajectory up to the Government offices.

Minister Oduber meets weekly with a group of labo*rers involved with the project to ensure everything goes according to schedule. The aim is to finish before the visit of Her Royal Majesty Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, her son Crown Prince Willem Alexander and his wife, Princess Maxima, as a visit to the Linear Park by the Royal family is on the schedule of activities.

There was a delay in the construction work during the first months, due to problems with utilities, plumbing system, water and electricity cables and some changes that SETAR N.V. had to perform. This is because the area has not received any upgrading work for at least 40 years, and some parts, 60 years.

The groundbreaking took place in February and it was the intention to finish within 7 months. Taking into account the delays, Minister Oduber feels that the work is progressing well. “When the work on the Linear Park is finished, it will be an important center of attraction, not only for our visitors but also for island residents to enjoy some exercise and recreational hours,” states Minister Oduber.

Story courtesy of The Morning News