Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Boca Bubu; A Local Aruba Site Worth Visiting

“Boca Bubu” A Local Site Worth Visiting

Every Summer vacation, once a week, we go on an outing with the kids to relax and to teach them a little of our culture. Last week Tuesday was no exception. We went to the Historical Museum and afterwards to the beach.

The kids wanted to go to Malmok, where there is a cliff they can jump off and into the water. Upon arrival there we met with Mr. Bubu Marchena working hard with sledgehammer and chisel in the hot sun. He told us he is busy constructing a staircase on the cliff to make it easier to enter and exit the water. This is the second time he is making this staircase, as in 1978 he constructed the original one but with time it eroded and disappeared. Many times he takes his grandchildren to swim there and he promised them to rebuild the staircase.

In December 2009 he started rebuilding the staircase. Mr. Bubu thinks that in two weeks time he will finish his masterpiece. His only request to the Aruba government: please remove the rocks at the bottom of the cliff, as it poses a little danger when getting into or out of the water.

Mr. Armando Curet of the Department of Public Works (DOW) and Minister of Tourism, Labor and Transport, Otmar Oduber has already promised to go there to check out the situation and analyze how they can help.

The Morning News asked Mr. Bubu if the bay there has a name; he said no, it is simply called Malmok. So we decided to call it ‘Boca Bubu’ – Bubu’s Bay. While we had a very pleasant time we saw many tourists and locals arrive there to swim and snorkel. A local site worth visiting!

Story by Olgita Berkley of of The Morning News