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Considering purchasing an Aruba Timeshare?

Playa Linda Beach Resort Pictures of Aruba
Let's outline some considerations when purchasing an Aruba timeshare. Purchasing a timeshare in Aruba is an investment. You need advice so you head to an online forum for advice. Keep in mind when seeking advice of others that many of those who reply will be owners of timeshares. They have a vested interest in their investment. It is only natural that they will give you all of the pro's of a resort and hardly ever any of the negatives.

We do not own a timeshare but have stayed at a few.

People sleep on the beach in Aruba in order to claim "their" palapa. Playa Linda IS a beautiful resort, but it is very difficult most times of the year to obtain a palapa. If you need shade and you do not wake up at 5 am each day on vacation this should be a consideration.

We did not care for the Divi Phoenix.
Divi Phoenix Aruba Pictures of Aruba

We're "beach people", when we stayed at the Phoenix years ago, we found that the ocean in front of the resort is shallow for a great distance and there was a lot of sea grass growing on the bottom. When we were not dodging sea grass it was still difficult trying to find a place to cool off in the ocean that was deep enough. Needless to say, this was a huge turnoff for us.

We also "attempted" to stay at a timeshare in the low rise area, admittedly many years ago, so I will not mention it by name, but we never even unpacked and switched resorts. The room though cleaned by housekeeping for our check-in, was filthy. The cooking area was dark with no lighting, our patio was roped off due to construction which we were not told about in advance, there was hair from multiple body parts all over the bathroom and the swimming pool was a cloudy mess.

My best advice would be to stay at the resort first for a week, before you make your purchase to make sure that you even like the place. Also consider whether or not you wish to be in the high rise area of Palm beach or the low rise area.

Other questions to consider include:

How much is the annual maintenance fee?
How many times has it fluctuated over the years? Does it fit within you budget?

What is the age of the resort and when was the last renovation?
Once you purchase, how long before you will receive an additional assessment beyond your annual maintenance fee, for capital and room improvements at the resort?

Ocean Club Aruba Pictures of Aruba
Do you have to travel at the same time of the year?
Will those dates change in the future?
Once you have school age children, in most cases you will be unable to travel during the school year.

If you do not have children there are a lot of timeshare bargains out there in the fall for the weeks after Labor Day. Recently I saw a studio at La Cabana on eBay for week 39 that had sold at auction for $128.51. Add in the additional fees and a total price of $677.51 for a deeded timeshare is a real bargain.

How large or small of a unit do you need?
A family depending upon its size would ideally want a unit with "x" number of bedrooms.

Will your needs for say a 2 or 3 bedroom timeshare change to a studio or one bedroom timeshare unit in later years once the children are out of the nest? Once your children have children would a deeded timeshare unit be large enough to accommodate your entire family?

Casa del Mar Aruba Pictures of Aruba
Are you looking for a timeshare to pass on to your heirs?
There are two types of timeshare sales. One is deeded, which your heirs would inherit upon your death. "Right to Use" or Annual timeshare purchases include a fixed number of weeks. Once you have used all of those weeks they are gone. Some timeshares, I know in Aruba, Caribbean Palm Village offers Biennial units which are available every other year.

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