Friday, November 18, 2011

Government Announces NEW Attraction within Walking Distance from Cruise Terminal

September 1, 2011 marks the beginning of the construction of what will become the Historical Center of Aruba in its capital of Oranjestad. The attractive project, which is part of the current Government’s BoAruba (Your Aruba) program, aims at repairing and rebuilding historic buildings and monuments in the city center within walking distance from the cruise port’s main gate.

About 10 million dollars will be invested to build a National Historic Center which will serve as the core place that houses the collection of facts and data about Aruba’s history. The center will complete the current cluster of historical Government buildings that currently house both the Legislative and Executive branches of the island’s Government. The buildings will surround a common Plaza area that will be named after Aruba’s most renowned composer, Mr. Juan Chabaya “Padu” Lampe.


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