Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Aruba Private Tour Itinerary

Arashi Beach Blogging to Aruba
Think of a private tour while in Aruba? Here, in my mind, is the perfect itinerary. Totally accessible by car.

Eagle Beach

Arashi beach

California lighthouse & sand dunes

Alto Vista chapel

Bushiribana gold mill ruin

Natural bridge

Donkey Sanctuary

Casibari Rock Formations Blogging to Aruba

Ayo or Casibari rock formations. Why are they unique? Read here. The Ayo rock formations are a quarter mile from the Donkey sanctuary so definitely not out of the way.

Arikok National Park

  • Boca Prins
  • Fontein Cave
  • Guadirikiri Cave

Baby Beach
Charlie’s bar or Zeerover snack / drink (alternative- the bar/restaurant at Boca Prins)
Aloe Factory & Store- if time permits

The total number of sights would be dependent upon how much time you wished to allot for the tour.