Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Haute Cuisine on Palm Beach – Quite Amuse-ing!

February 6th, 2012

Chef Patrick and his wife Ivette welcome you to Amuse, their French inspired bistro, where they share their passion for fine food and the classic art of cooking, enhances with a dash of Caribbean flair.

Patrick has opened his own place after years of esta­blishing the reputation of some of Aruba’s finest res­taurants. He is adamant about creating his sauces and specialties strictly from scratch; nothing is out of the box or can and all ingredients are fresh – he even grows his own herbs and spices, and believe it or not, churns his own fresh made ice cream daily! Imagine a sump­tuous desert of the creamiest Red Wine Ice Cream served up with a rich, moist, brownie, or Pineapple Carpaccio with fresh churned Cinnamon Ice Cream, and you have a finish for your dinner that will have you returning again the next day to try one of his other remarkable specialties.

Amuse’s dishes are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the pallet and your wallet. One would expect to pay very high prices for such effort, but their menu is quite reaso­nably priced. Amuse also provides the option of selecting a dish in main course or half plate, appetizer size, which is very nice if you would prefer to taste a wide sample of their delectable offerings. The restaurant also prides itself on an excellent wine cellar to provide the perfect pairing for the gourmet food. Menus change to some degree with the seasons, taking advantage of what is fresh and best for the time of year.

Amuse is named for the tradition of an “amuse-bouche” a chef’s selection for something special to tantalize the taste buds, and patrons will find it a most appropriate mo­ni­ker, as Pat­rick’s ex­cep­tional sauces and artful pre­sentation will provide a most me­morable meal.

Amuse is open daily for dinner from 5:30 to 10:30 PM. However, if wishing to dine at peak hours, Yvette recommends calling 586-9949 for reservations well ahead; they are happy to take walk-ins anytime before 7:30 PM. The charming logistics of the bistro allows patrons to enjoy the al fresco ambiance of a Parisian sidewalk café while still being protected from the weather; it is rightfully becoming quite a popular place to savor fine dining combined with Aruba’s tropical ambiance.

Story courtesy of The Morning News

Amuse Bistro Aruba