Friday, March 23, 2012

When to Purchase International Airfare to Aruba

Aruba Bound
When to Buy- For the cheapest international airfare, purchase your airline tickets between five months and between six weeks/one month before departure. Also, try to buy international airfare when an airline has an sale, but since these are not regular events, sign up airfare alerts which will let you know when prices come down.

Flexible Travelers Only- If you wait to purchase inside the 30-days before departure window, you may see an occasional good deal but these are usually worthwhile only for those whose travel dates are extremely flexible.

Most legacy carriers have a 14-day advance purchase requirement for their cheapest fares (less for the discount airlines.) If you purchase too early or too late you will usually pay more. One exception- If the trip is not a necessity, look for last minute deals, but be aware there is no guarantee you will find any.

Best advice is that if you are going to be disappointed by not traveling to Aruba, book the fare that you feel most comfortable with for your budget. Sometimes it is simply a compromise of fairness between your pocketbook and the airlines bottom line and how much they are willing to give away.

Inflexible Travel Dates- If your dates of travel are not flexible due to a wedding or family reunion, you can purchase airfare up to 11 months before departure for peace of mind, but you will pay a couple of hundred dollars more for this early purchase. The extra money will buy you piece of mind that you will have a seat on that specific flight.

Know the Travel Season- Highest part of the high season is most expensive- Christmas through New Years as well as Presidents Week. Try to travel before the last Saturday prior to Christmas and return home after the Sunday after New Year's day.
Additional tip- If you are staying in Aruba for this extended holiday, early arrival will also give you a better chance of scoring the best room assignment in your category. Make any requests at time of booking your resort.
More Ways to Save- Traveling on week days is sometimes cheaper than flying on a weekend. For example, departing from Atlanta mid-week is traditionally more expensive than traveling to Aruba on the weekend when Delta has non-stop competition from Air Tran.

Airfares are tied to oil prices. If you see a sudden drastic rise in oil prices you may wish to pull the trigger and buy your airfare while it is still affordable.


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