Friday, July 6, 2012

Shoco Market Cafe at the Hyatt Regency Aruba Working Closely with US Customs at Reina Beatrix Airport

PALM BEACH, ARUBA (June 19, 2012) – Recently, Hyatt Regency Aruba & Resort has announced the re-launch of Shoco Market Café, transforming the space from a coffee and ice cream shop into a full-service market with a cozy ambiance.

Situated on the property’s main level, Shoco Market Café will provide guests with a variety of high-quality food and beverage offerings including “made to order” sandwiches, pizzas, and additional lunch offerings; treats such as artisanal ice creams, frozen yogurts and gourmet chocolate; and an assortment of healthy snacks.

Shoco Market will also offer a mix of items from larger product brands such as Starbucks and Kashi, in addition to providing products from smaller, local purveyors.

In addition, the Resort has been working closely with US Customs on the island to be able to prepare and sell approved meal packages for guests that are travelling back to the United States.

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Story Courtesy of Aruba Daily