Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Homegrown Aruban Products

Looking for some novel ways to enjoy a taste of Aruba, or better yet, bring a souvenir of island culture back home to share with your family and friends? Aruba has several homegrown products that are great ways to incorporate a slice of island life into your stay here.

Aruba Bound
Aruba Aloe Balm

Since 1890, Aruba Aloe balm has been in the business of growing and processing the Aruba aloe plant, and was one of the first companies in the world to make cosmetic products based on this curative gel. Today, the company proudly manufactures more than 50 different skincare and hair care products containing 100% pure Aruba aloe-vera gel. Aruba Aloe products will surely come in handy while visiting the island, especially the line of sunscreen and sun-care products, which are FDA-approved. The new Dessert Bloom products make up the company’s aromatherapy line made with organic essential oils and aloe-vera gel.

Balashi Beer and Palmera Rum

Stock the fridge and mini bar with libations made right here on Aruba! Since 1999, the Balashi National Brewery has been producing its signature beer, Balashi, to the overwhelming approval of locals and visitors alike. Crisp and refreshing, this Dutch-style pilsner pours brilliantly clear, golden in color, and light on the foam. The foundation of the beer is none other than Aruba’s world-acclaimed drinking water. The word for water in our local language of Papiamento, by the way, is “balashi!” The brewery’s latest product is Chill—a beer that goes down smooth, especially with a squeeze of lime, and most especially while lounging on our beautiful beaches. A perfect island cocktail is infused with Palmera Rum, blended and bottled by hand at a factory in Oranjestad for the past 45 years. Offering 12 different rum blends, the coconut rum is a visitor favorite, while locals remain loyal to the Palmera Rum original, known for its oaky sweetness with hints of vanilla.

Aruba Heat Hot Sauces

Utilizing the Caribbean’s extremely hot Madame Jeanette pepper, Aruba Heat bottles three different hot sauce varieties, each kicked up with a different level of heat. All three sauces are unique in flavor, infusing natural ingredients like dry coffee, pineapple, mango, coconut, molasses, and ginger root to compliment the spiciness of the peppers. The result is hot sauces layered in heat and flavor that any hot sauce connoisseur will appreciate. Individual bottles, as well as convenient gift packs with a sampling of all three sauces, are available.

Story Courtesy of Aruba Daily