Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wrinkle Free Packing

Dh and I held a "pack off" when he did not believe me that you could fit more rolled than he could folded. I won. I think it is pretty much a proven fact that not only does it save space, but also cuts down on wrinkles.

6 Tips for Wrinkle-Free Packing

From my years working in retail I have varied the instructions just a bit for folding.

For T-shirts, place face down, fold arms back plus an additional 2"-3" (depending upon the size of the shirt), take the rectangle and roll starting at the collar.

As opposed to the square fold, I roll button down shirts as well. Button all buttons, place shirt front down, and cross fold arm and arm like you would fold a sweater. Then carefully flip back over and smooth out the entire shirt. Start at the collar and begin rolling.

If you would like to cut down on wrinkles even more, cover items such as shirts and dresses with plastic before rolling. I use the plastic from the dry cleaners. Lay the plastic on top of a surface, then play the clothing over it. Then roll.

Just remember if you are filling your suitcase to the brim, you still have weight restrictions. If you think weight will be an issue, invest in a hand held digital scale.

We use the Easy-Grip Luggage Scale So far so good for us.

In 4 trips we have found it to be EXTREMELY accurate. The scales make great gifts as well!