Tuesday, December 25, 2012

InselAir New Airline in Aruba

Aruba Bound

ORANJESTAD, ARUBA November 30th, 2012- by placing his signature on the Air Operating Certificate, Minister Otmar Oduber officially recognized InselAir Aruba as the newest airline of Aruba.

For over 18 months InselAir Aruba worked on the creation of a new airline in Aruba which aims to promote tourism in Aruba by operating new routes.

In a meeting between Minister Oduber and InselAir in 2011 it was discussed what would be the best way to promote tourism to Aruba. In this meeting it was decided that the Aruban airlines each would strive to operate to different destinations, so that maximum output is achieved from those destinations for Aruba.

Following this discussion, InselAir included several destinations, not yet covered by an Aruban airline before. Thus InselAir focuses on cities like Manaus, Brasilia, Guayaquil, Medellin, Valencia, ensuring during its growth to reach at least a total of 15 international destinations. It is also important that InselAir serves as a feeder airline in order to serve its European, Caribbean and North American code share and Interline partners via Aruba that will have a function as an international hub.

Minister Oduber expressed confidence in the new carrier and indicated that with the start of InselAir Aruba, a new dimension to tourism in Aruba has been added. Especially because of the many collaborations of InselAir with other airlin

es, the growth of the Aruban tourism by transporting tourists from new destinations to Aruba will be a fact. This will also lead to much more awareness of Aruba by potential visitors in the region and beyond.

InselAir would like to express its gratitude to the Prime Minister of Aruba, Mr. Mike Eman, the Minister of Tourism Mr. Otmar Oduber, the Senior Advisor of Minister Oduber, Mr Simon Arends, the Director Mr. Joseph Maduro, Mr. Reed and all representatives of the Civil Aviation Authority of Aruba for the trust they have placed in InselAir.

The CEO of InselAir Aruba, Mr Frederick Nuboer and his staff, have promised to do their utmost to implement the goals that have been set together with the Aruban authorities in the best interest of Aruba.

Story Courtesy of Aruba Daily


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