Saturday, February 16, 2013

Safe at last

Aruba Bound

Some two years ago the volunteers of the Donkey Sanctuary received a phone call: an accident had happened and donkeys were involved. At the site it appeared that one donkey had died and one wounded donkey had disappeared: he probably had a broken front leg. During two years the volunteers have moved heaven and earth to catch this specific donkey in the San Nicolas vicinity. Many inhabitants have made calls, helping the sanctuary to catch him. Two hundred calls about two donkeys, one of which had a broken leg. But even though he was handicapped, he escaped. Until the moment that the Kellner family in San Nicolas could lure him and his friend into their garden; they closed the gate and voilĂ .

After that it was not an easy job to get the donkeys into the trailer to take them to the sanctuary, but the project succeeded. The two were put into a secluded corral to quiet down and to get their bearings so that they can be transported to the clinic of veterinarian Dr. Contreras in Noord. For the other donkey has also something wrong with his leg and x-rays should be taken.

At the Sanctuary the two were named: Santa (you can clearly see the malformed front leg) and Waiter, after the Kellner family, as waiter is `kelner’ in Dutch.

The most important thing is this: two wounded donkeys are finally safe at the Donkey Sanctuary on Aruba.

The volunteers of the sanctuary are hoping that you adopt a donkey. This will provide for their upkeep while living at the sanctuary. The cost is only AWG. 30,-- [$16.76 USD] per month for the donkey’s keep. With this amount you help support the sanctuary as well as your own donkey. And you will receive a beautiful certificate and a super T-shirt and your name and photo will be posted on our website. So please call the sanctuary at 593-2933; you can also register via the website or donate money on bank account number 40.03.025 at the Aruba Bank! Just do it! Would you like to follow the donkeys on Facebook: surf to Donkey Sanctuary Aruba.