Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Aruba Traffic

Aruba Bound
ARUBA April 10th, 2013– The traffic on our beautiful island is sometimes a lot and congested in some places. There are a lot of people driving here from different countries and they have different driving styles. The traffic laws are almost the same all over the world, (just some small differences).

For example the traffic lights mean the same in every country.

The green light commands you to drive! and the red light commands you to stop! Yellow/Orange also means Stop! and if you cannot stop continue driving and clear the crossroad as soon as possible.

Which is something that rarely anybody does.

On the island and in many other countries the drivers give more gas to still make the traffic light. That is why Mr/Ms police officer says that yellow/orange also commands to stop!.

If you get a fine for driving through yellow/orange of course you won’t like it it’s not fair. Just too bad, because the police have the final say.

Other rules like keep on driving on the right side, that’s the same over the whole world, except for of course where they drive on the left side of the road.

“Stay in your lane” is applicable when you are in traffic jams.

However on the way to the hotels (Sasakiweg) almost everyone keeps on driving in the left lane. Officially you are not allowed to pass on the right, in an collision you are wrong, you’re only allowed to pass on the right if the car on the left of you signals to turn left.

What happens now is that is that even taxi drivers and truck drivers keep in the left lane. As professionals they should know better to keep on the left side.

I wish you driving pleasure on our island. And be vigilant for drivers that do not adhere to traffic laws.

Regards, Carlo D.

Story Courtesy of Aruba Daily