Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Lightweight Luggage Update

Aruba Bound
Here is an update to "Lightweight Luggage".

We have Heys Lightweight Hardside luggage. Our first purchase was about 4+ years ago and we swear by it. It has survived flights to NJ, Houston and Aruba as well as a couple of cruises. The hardsided luggage enables us when returning from Aruba, to safely pack, cushioned by clothing in the center of the suitcases, bottles of our favorite Aruba souvenir, Amstel Bright.

21" x 15" x 12"
25" x 18" x 12.75"
29" x 20" x 13.7"

We bought the Heys Cruzer 2 and LOVED it!! Now we have the Xcase-XL and it is an even better product. Heys now has their Cruzer 3 Lite. It looks like they have reinforced the corners which will make it even better!

As an added tip, the luggage is available in Black, Orange or Silver. We bought our sets in orange. It makes finding your luggage whether on a carousel or lined up, as in Aruba at the airport just prior to U.S. Customs, EXTREMELY easy to find!

Shop around online for the best pricing.


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