Sunday, June 30, 2013

Just Posting a Note

It is all about transparency. I have always believed that things should be honest and done by the book.

Writers through SocialSpark are now being paid by the Aruba Tourism Authority to write about Aruba on their blogs. I have no idea how much money they receive. I doubt many, if any of the writers have even visited Aruba. But just as a note to all of my blog's fans, this writer accepts no payment or compensation for any of the mentions, articles or recommendations I make on the blog or on my website.

Ad earnings from all of my blogs and websites go towards paying for server space and domain registrations costs for my websites. The Aruba Bound! site is my main site, however my other sites such as Weddings in Aruba do not earn enough money in ads to pay their own way for hosting so Aruba Bound! supplements the cost.

My dh and I foot the bill for the difference, including of course our travel to Aruba including accommodations, airfare and meals. We love Aruba pure and simple.

I just wanted to be upfront with all of my readers.