Thursday, August 1, 2013

Super Food is first in line at the Festival of Prizes

Aruba Bound
Together with our national Telecom firm Setar a fundraising event has been organized benefitting the Aruban Donkey Sanctuary. Because of lack of space a new and larger sanctuary needs to be built to accommodate the ever-growing number of donkeys, now almost 140. At this time the donkeys find their homes at various locations, even in a private garden. A lot of money is needed to bring all the donkeys together in one location at Bringamosa. The Dutch foundation Dierenlot’s substantial  donation has been enough for the start of building the first necessities such as the containers for fodder, water containers, storage and fences. But a lot more money is needed for stables, a shop and a visitor center.

The Aruban government and the trade and industry are aware of the importance of a donkey sanctuary. Letting the donkeys roam wild is not an option because they create dangerous situations for our traffic and for themselves. The Aruban Donkey Sanctuary has become a great tourist attraction; visitors come to the sanctuary in droves, on their own or via tour operators such as the Palm Tours.

The fundraising event is very simple: if you are a Setar client you can sms the word BURICO (Papiamento for donkey) to number 250. The price of such an sms is AWG. 3,-- and the total amount will go to the donkeys. With this sms you are in the running to win spectacular prizes and every week there are new prizes to be won. The event will run until October 4, Animal Day. And of course, the more sms-es you send, the more chances to win one of the weekly prizes.

During the first week there are 4 prizes to be won, as our local mega supermarket Super Food has donated 4 gift certificates of AWG. 250,-- [$139.68 USD] each. Who would not like to go shopping for groceries like that, filling your cart without paying a single cent. Jack Bult, managing director of the brand new supermarket, is a great animal lover; he has been supporting the donkeys forever. He is convinced of the importance of keeping the donkeys off the streets and he salutes the many volunteers of the foundation. When Jack Bult can support the Donkey Sanctuary, he will, and so the people of the Sanctuary are very grateful for his spontaneous gesture.

So please start sms-ing the word BURICO to number 250 and you may win, while supporting the Aruban Donkey Foundation. The more times you sms, the more chances you have to win and support one of the very nice attractions on the island.

Any day of the week you can help support Aruba's donkeys and the volunteers who care for them. You only need to pay AWG. 30,-- per month [$16.76 USD] for a donkey’s upkeep. With this amount you help support the sanctuary as well as your own donkey. And you will receive a beautiful certificate and a super T-shirt and your name and photo will be posted on our website. So please call the sanctuary at 593-2933; you can also register via the website or donate money on bank account number 40.03.025 at the Aruba Bank! Just do it! Would you like to follow the donkeys on Facebook: surf to Donkey Sanctuary Aruba please.