Saturday, October 5, 2013

First Donkey Calendar 2014 is for Rico Rijk

Aruba Bound
As is our tradition on World Animal Day, the first Donkey Calendar 2014 is officially handed over to a local celebrity and fan of the Donkey Sanctuary. This year Rico Rijk, DJ of Radio Cool FM, was chosen for this honor. During a live broadcast he and his charming co-presenter Angela Tiemens received the first calendars.

The full-color calendar of the year 2014 is chockfull of information and gorgeous donkey photographs. Twelve sponsors have taken care of the cost of this calendar, so that the entire proceeds will go towards our foundation.

Earlier on the same morning the calendar was presented on television on TeleAruba; `Miss Donkey Sanctuary’ Desiree Eldering presented it later in the morning during Rico Rijk’s radio show at Cool FM. Desiree was in the company of photographer Luc Peek and graphic designer Saskia Aanhane who have been instrumental for the production of this calendar.

The Donkey Calendar 2014 is already for sale at the Donkey Sanctuary, at En Vogue Coiffures, Pia di Oro, Home & Nature and Contreras Veterinary Services.

Any day of the week you can help support Aruba's donkeys and the volunteers who care for them. You only need to pay AWG. 30,-- per month [$16.76 USD] for a donkey’s upkeep. With this amount you help support the sanctuary as well as your own donkey. And you will receive a beautiful certificate and a super T-shirt and your name and photo will be posted on our website. So please call the sanctuary at 593-2933; you can also register via the website or donate money on bank account number 40.03.025 at the Aruba Bank! Just do it! Would you like to follow the donkeys on Facebook: surf to Donkey Sanctuary Aruba please