Wednesday, October 23, 2013

How Has the Weather Been in Aruba?

October through mid-January has always been the rainy season in Aruba. La NiƱa in 2010-2012 did bring more rain to the island however things are now back to normal. The Aruba Department of Meteorology had only recorded 6.27 inches of rain January to August this year. Unofficial rainfall up to October 20 is closer to 10 inches, which is only slightly below average.

Keep in mind, that if there is a tropical storm or low in the area there will be higher quantities of rain. Having said that, the rain in Aruba, even during rainy season falls mainly overnight and early morning with an occasional passing shower (those happen all year 'round) during the day.

We have been to Aruba 3 times during rainy season- Christmas & New Years (twice) and once mid-January. 2 out of 3 trips we saw very little rain. One trip over Christmas and New Years we had rain every single day. HOWEVER, the rain on all but 2 of a 13 day vacation was always over and the sun out shining brightly by 10 am. One day was overcast and one day was morning sprinkles off and on. The day of sprinkles the sun was out and skies clear at 3 pm. We toured the island on the overcast day and snorkeled on the sprinkle day. ;)


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