Thursday, October 31, 2013

New cargo port in Barcadera Aruba

Aruba Bound

ARUBA October 24th, 2013- With great satisfaction Aruba Ports Authority N.V. announced that they have completed the final phase of the tender process of the ‘Barcadera Multi Cargo Terminal’. Aruba Ports Authority N.V. is ready to start working on the movement of the container port to Barcadera. The construction process will start in early 2014. The total investment to design, build and maintain the multi-cargo sea terminal at Barcadera will be US $62 million.

Public tenders
The first public tender process started in February 2011. The contract is awarded to the local stevedoring company ‘Aruba Stevedoring Company (ASTEC) NV’. This Public Private Partnership (PPP) is responsible for the investment in the terminal infrastructure, labor and operational activities.

Aruba Bound

The second public tender process started in early 2013. The second tender includes refurbishing of existing quay wall and installation of anchors, bollards, fendering, separate on-land-mooring-dolphin, construction of a new quay wall extension, placement of breasting dolphins, dredging and construction of a scour protection. This contract has been awarded to the American Bridge Company who will work together with the Aruban companies ALBO/Arubaanse Wegenbouw Maatschappij.

Diversification economy
Aruba Ports Authority N.V. will realize this project with guaranteed sustainability. The port project is a part of the diversification of Aruba’s economy and growth.

Currently Aruba is developing its 3rd economic pillar, the gateway. Aruba is an attractive investment destination for companies wishing to do business in Latin America.

The moving of the container port is expected to generate new opportunities for the container port and the Freezone. During the construction process Aruba Free Zone will also commence with its move. The new Free Zone is located adjacent to the new cargo port and phase one covers an area of approximately 45 hectare (111 acres).

Moving the cargo port to Barcadera, creates a unique opportunity to modernize and enhance the existing cruise ship facilities in Oranjestad, which in its turn will give the implemented makeover of down town Oranjestad its finishing touch. The improved cruise port in Oranjestad will accommodate a broader scope of cruise lines and visitors during the high-season, creating additional revenue for the island.

Moving the cargo port to Barcadera is one of the largest industrial projects in Aruba in the last two decades.

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Story Courtesy of Aruba Daily