Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Traffic on Aruba

Aruba Bound
ARUBA- The traffic on our beautiful island is sometimes very congested in some places. There are a lot of people driving from different countries and have all different driving styles. The rules and traffic laws are almost the same all over the world, (just some small difference). Rules like keep on driving on the right side is the same all over the world. Stay in your lane is applicable when you are in a traffic jam.

However on the way to the hotels (the two lane road) almost everyone keeps on driving in the left lane. Officially you are not allowed to pass on the right, in an collision you are wrong, you’re only allowed to pass on the right if the car on the left of you signals to turn left.

Some difference are:

The right of way:

Normally, at a T-section, the traffic from your right has the right of way.

This is not the case in Aruba,here the traffic from the straight way has the right of way. When it’s a crossroad of equal type of road,vehicles from the right has the right of way.

Turn on red:

Here on Aruba is no turn “turn on red” possibilities.

You are not allowed to take a turn left or right at a red traffic light.

The traffic light on Aruba are placed before the crossroad.

I wish you a pleasure driving experience on our island. Regards Carlo D.

Story Courtesy of Aruba Daily

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