Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Is Your Luggage Too Heavy?

Aruba Bound
On our recent trip my Dad said to me, "You know my suitcase feels so heavy even though I did not bring a lot of clothes." I asked him if he weighed the bag with his hand held scale and he said yes, he was just under the 50 pound limit.

It reminded me of a suitcase my father-in-law gave us years ago. Now I am not talking far enough back to luggage of the 60's but more typical of luggage we see today. We discarded the the "hand me down" suitcase right after we received. It was beautiful, heavy duty and just downright HEAVY. The suitcase on its own, empty weighed just shy of 20 pounds!!!

On my "to do" list is to weigh all of my Dad's luggage and discard the heavy old ones. On our last trip to Aruba, the suitcase he had brought with him ended up going in the trash. The zipper on it broke. Thankfully La Linda Department store in Oranjestad sells a wide variety of luggage.

Luggage nowadays is much more lightweight. We ended up purchasing three sets of new lightweight hard sided luggage. If you shop around, even for name brands, there are always deals waiting to be found!