Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Flying Home From Aruba With Local Brew

Aruba Bound
Some beers in Aruba, like locally brewed Balashi or Amstel Bright only found in Aruba, Bonaire or Curacao and make a unique souvenir to bring home to remind yourself of your sunny Aruba vacation. Though Balashi can be found in cans, Amstel Bright is only sold in bottles. So the dilemma is getting the bottles home in one piece.

First off we are fortunate in that a few years back we invested in light weight hard sided luggage. You can read about our lightweight luggage purchase here.

Our past trip over Christmas and New Year's we carried home 12 glass bottles of Amstel Bright which we purchased at Super Food.

Dh wraps the bottles individually with our clothing. The bottles must be cushioned with other clothing in between them to act as a cushion. They are spread out all over the middle of our three suitcases. Again it is important that the bottles, though wrapped in clothing, are not near one another.

We claim it on our Customs form and have never been questioned.

If you purchase your beer duty free at the airport you are stuck with rushing to pack your beer into your luggage after you retrieve it from the "luggage room", before placing it on the second conveyor belt to send your luggage onward to your plane. For airport departure procedures see my article "Leaving Aruba- Get There Early".