Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Super Food’s Jack Bult receives the first Donkey Calendar 2015

Aruba BoundThe first Donkey Calendar 2015 was officially handed over to Jack Bult, the well-known super power behind Super Food last week. Shoppers witnessed the event with interest last Saturday morning.

The supermarket as well as its director are friends of many charities on Aruba; one of these is the Donkey Sanctuary. From day one Super Food has been a faithful advertiser on the calendar and it has allowed the Donkey Foundation to sell the calendar inside the store.

Twelve sponsors pay for the production of the calendar, which allows all proceeds to go towards the Donkey Sanctuary. The money is much-needed to be able to continue taking care of the more than 130 donkeys that find a home at the sanctuary. A great group of volunteers takes care of the animals; they also help raising funds. The 2015 edition of the Donkey Calendar is an example of their hard work.

This year the theme of the calendar is Baby Donkeys. And guess what: with photographs of Aruban baby donkeys as well as their colleagues elsewhere in the world, the calendar is a beauty. The 2015 edition is for sale at the Donkey Sanctuary, but also at the service desk of Super Food. It makes a great gift and a wonderful memory to take home for visitors, who are catching two birds with one stone this way. Please buy our calendar and help us continue our work for the Aruban donkeys.

Calendars are being sold in different locations including SuperFood (customer service), Contreras Veterinary Services, Bestial, En Vogue Coiffures, Pia di Oro and Home and Nature. Like every year the calendar is for sale for Afl 25 or $14.50 [USD]. It was very hard to choose only 13 pictures, We received very nice pictures!

Aruba Bound


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