Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Seating Assignments on Delta

A hint if you fly Delta...

What is the easiest way to obtain your favorite preference of seat when booking your flight? Note your preference in your profile.
"Advance seat selection
Advance seat selection is not available with Basic Economy fares. Seat assignments will be auto-assigned for Basic Economy fare holders during check in."
Seat Selection
With the online interactive seat map, you can confirm your seat in three mouse clicks. In some cases, seat assignments are made automatically based upon your preference for a window or aisle seat, noted in your profile.

If your seating preference is not available, "NA" will appear in the "Seat Assignment" column of your itinerary. In this case, you will receive your seat during check-in on the date of departure.

Delta will accommodate the seating requirements of customers with certain types of disabilities. This could result in the occasional need to change another individual's pre-assigned seat, with bulkhead seats being particularly subject to reassignment.

Airline Seats

When it comes to airline seats, never allow the airline to assign you a seat, choose your seat yourself at the time of booking. Once you have booked your seat, check every so often to make sure that your seat has not been arbitrarily changed.

Sign up for all automatic notifications regarding your flight. If your schedule is changed, or more importantly your airplane configuration is changed you will automatically be reassigned a new seat. But will it be the seat YOU want? It is important to check your seats on your flight as soon as your receive any notification that there have been changes. When flying to Aruba you want to be seated on the left hand side of the plane for arrival. The computer may know you prefer a window seat, but does not know you prefer a seat on the left side of the plane.

If you are flying alone and you want no one in the middle seat, choose a row where the aisle or window seat is already selected. Chances are the other person in the row with you are flying solo as well.

Should you pay for an upgrade? If you need the comfort it may be worth it to you, especially if it is a long flight

Join your airlines frequent flier program, the more you fly the more perks you will receive.